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4 Sure-Fire Ways to Add Some Quirk to Your Capsule Wardrobe

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4 Sure-Fire Ways to Add Some Quirk to Your Capsule Wardrobe

My style is often described as "quirky." Sure, some people say it in a judge-y tone. You know, the same kind of people who bemoan all things Zooey D. and manic-pixie-dream-girl. But at the end of the day, I like being quirky. Quirky is good. It means you're different, original, and bold. Quirky can manifest itself in many different ways. For me, this often includes the way I dress myself. And so, if you're at all curious as to how I curate my quirky capsule wardrobe, please read ahead. 

1. Patterns Are Your Friends

So first things first, stop being afraid of patterns! I know so many people who quip that they "just don't do patterns." To which I often reply, "But whyyyyy?!?" Patterns are a great way to not only attract people's eye, but pique your own excitement as well. When I choose to wear a pattern, I walk out the door maybe a little self-conscious (aren't we all?), but excited to wear something quite bold.

GIngerly WItty Incense Burners Patterns

Yarn Dyed Stripe Short Sleeve Tee - $68

Incense Burners - $32

Essaouira Wristlet Pouch - $78

GIngerly Witty Plaid Babydoll Dress Esby

Willow Babydoll Dress - $199.99

2. Take On "Different" Shapes & Sizes

Peplum. Babydoll. Jumpsuit. Do any of these fashion terms raise the hairs on your arms? Do they freak you out just a bit? Good! Quirky fashion is about taking risks. So the next time you see a shape that scares you, take a chance and go for it! Someone is sure to take notice.

Record Store Date Babydoll Top - $54

The Skinny Overall in Coal - $188

3. Get Cheeky!

Now this may be obvious, but seriously, go with anything that is playful, fun, and cute. Not only do they usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes (so you can achieve tip #2), but they're a sure-fire way to get some fun comments from passersby. 

BLink Blink Stripes t-shirt Gingerly WItty

Blink Blink Stripes T-Shirt - $45

Love Your Veggies Top GIngerly Witty

Love Your Veggies Top - $70

4. Bring in the Color!

Don't get me wrong, I love neutrals. L-O-V-E them! In fact, I can't seem to quit the same pair of black jeans lately. And so, when I want my outfit to stand out just a bit, I make sure to add some much-needed color. 

Gingerly WItty Motumo Linen Desert Breeze Dress

Desert Breeze Linen Dress - $300

Fiore Dress - $218