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Friday LinkFest: 3.3.17

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Friday Linkfest 3.3.17 Gingerly Witty

Happy Friday, lovelies! Let's jump right in, shall we?

1. I want to gather with friends here

2. I can't wait to check out Cafe Birdie. They have a complete wall of wallpaper in the back? Sign me up now!

3. I just want to be this Alexa Chung look-alike

4. I would love to give a go at these bomb milkshakes!

5. I just want to live in something like these this spring

6. I'm not much of a outdoorsy, but boy do I lust after a woodsy wedding

7. I like to think this is what my single life looks like to the average viewer

8. I can't get over this space. The metallics. The wallpaper!