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Friday LinkFest: 3.31.17

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Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest 3.31.17

Week: you've got the better of me and I'm ready to see you over. From extensive to-do lists to car troubles (thank you Daniel & MC for being my saving graces!), this week was not an easy one. So I went into this week's LinkFest pinning with a strong desire to get away. You know, that wanderlust sensation that you just can't quit? Yeah, I've got quite a heavy dose of that mixed in with handful of "am I doing this right?"'s. Not a great cocktail. But anywho, I digress. Below you will find links to far off destinations and recipes for drinks that make you feel like you're on vacay even if you're just down the street at a local bar. 

1. I can't get over this emerald green tile! I'm obsessed with emerald green and I'm excited to announce that we'll be getting some cute rings with emerald-colored gemstones soon! But in the meantime, I'm just gonna imagine myself here

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest tile emerald green

The Venue Report

2. It was a hard one deciding which cocktail recipe that I had gathered to feature here this week. I ended up going with the drink that intrigued me the most and that was the blood orange elderflower gin cocktail. My interest always peaks when I hear of an ingredient that's so distinctly old timey Americana and that's what elderflower calls to me. I'm also a big fan of gin these days, so there's that too! 

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest cocktail recipe elderflower gin blood orange

The Little Epicurean 

3. While they're not practical to me (thank you, Charlie), I'll always have a thing for bright velvet sofas. And when paired with a subdued antique rug? Oh boy, I'm in love.

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest velvet blue sofa

Aires de Decoración

4. Is this really modern day Paris? Clearly it is because the girl behind her on the right is in modern garb. I can't even think of where to find a hat such as this one!

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest modern day Paris

Flickr of _teb

5. Every day forecast:

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest coffee flowers forecast


6. Love this

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest tile emerald green


7. I'm all about fabric jumpers and this one reminds me of one we're expecting from LACAUSA soon!

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest pattern jumpsuit


8. Just placed an order with the brand Temperate and I'm so excited about the new relationship! And check out this jacket - how useful, goes-with-everything is it or what?!

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest khaki jacket Temperate