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Friday LinkFest: 5.5.17

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Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest warehouse wedding growing older

1. As I grow older, the more I resent my former self. This was a good read.

GIngerly Witty Friday LinkFest Personal growing old

2. Being a small business owner sure has its perks, but it also has its cons, one of which is a lack of a salary/actual paycheck. So it's better to play it safe.

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest frugral tips

3. At the moment, I'm not so patiently waiting for love. It's been a cruel, sometimes heartbreaking journey. This was a great read for those who are waiting.

4. I'm all about the dress, but sometimes it's fun to rock something a little less traditional on a date.

5. Because I'm in the store almost 24/7, I only have time for day trips. Looks like I'll be heading out hopefully soon!

Gingerly WItty Friday LinkFest travel

6. Kind of obsessed with warehouse wedding venues these days. Give me some string lights in an industrial building any day!

7. That bag! That hair! The outfit!

8. Man do I love a good mommy + babies photo.

9. Okay, just one more!

10. Love this article idea! And yep, as a Libra, they nailed this decor.

11. Obsessed with Cass McCombs lately. SOOO wish I could go to this concert tonight.