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Friday LinkFest: 7.14.17

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Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest 7.14.17

Hey everyone! What a cray week it's been, all with prepping for our Tea & Tapas party with Pure Leaf and the usual personal life stuff. Anyway, here are the links I found inspiring this week! Be sure to check out the Pinterest Board for all my links too!



1. I'll be honest: I've been known to cling to relationships that just aren't working. Here's a good article about when to let a relationship go. 

man woman beach cliffside

2. On the opposite side of the relationship spectrum, here's some relationship quotes to remind you that romance still exists out there.

modern relationships; couple kissing

3. Apparently, I'm really into reading about relationships lately. I particularly enjoyed this insightful article about the illusion of choice and hidden restrictions in today's dating world.

modern romance dating

4. This quirky, eclectically decorated country home in Buenos Aires has me fawning.

Buenos Aires country home

5. I love any form of media that passes the Bechdel test. This crop of shows are a good start.

Glow tv show Netflix

6. I love tours of local LA homes. This Silver Lake dwelling has my entire heart. 

Silver Lake house tour

7. Wit & Delight is constantly churning out inspiring, eclectic spaces. Their photography & event studio is no exception.

Wit & Delight kitchen studio event space

8. I've wanted an Away suitcase since they first appeared all over the blogosphere. Their West Elm collaboration has got me seriously considering taking the plunge.

Away luggage suitcase West Elm collaboration

9. Ever wondered what your great-great grandparents put on their wedding registry? This article details wedding registries from all the way back to the B.C. years.

wedding registries through the ages; history of wedding registry

10. I've believed for a long time that women's sanitary products should be available for free in public places like schools and government buildings. Thrilled to hear about Scotland's historic move.

women's health; women's rights

11. On the opposite side of the spectrum, this string of lawsuits is disheartening. I know I usually try to keep things positive on here, but I felt it important to share this.

ladies night neon sign