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Friday LinkFest: 8.11.17

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Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest

Hello! I'm here to deliver your weekly linkfest. Also, I wanted to let you guys know that I'll be attending Magic and Capsule in Las Vegas and will be picking out spring 2018 inventory! Sooo... if you'd like to see any particular styles in the shop, please let me know! Thanks! 

1. I love everything about this eclectic home.

2. I initially wanted to go to Amangiri in Utah for my 30th birthday. While we ended up deciding on Nashville, I still plan to go one day. And maybe some of these other beautiful hotels

3. I really want extensions so I can do all of these! Aren't the illustrations beautiful too?

4. I'm gonna try out this email trick and see if I can stay on top of my work!

5. Dating and me? Oy vey. I don't even know what to do these days. I found this article useful though!

6. Picking the perfect playlist for a party is tricky. I'm definitely gonna test out some of these playlists

7. Did you know there's a limit on the number of women that can live in the same building in Boston, whose assumption is that it is instantly a brothel? Here are some other sexist laws that make me angry. 


8. I love myself a white, bright kitchen. This one isn't alone in beauty though.