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Friday LinkFest: 9.8.17

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Friday LinkFest: 9.8.17 Gingerly Witty

Hey ya'll. This week has had its share of ups and downs for me, to say the least. Anyway, writing and searching the web for you guys has definitely been a much-needed escape. I hope you enjoy!

- Erin


1. I'm not so lucky enough to have been cheated on not once, but twice. And it sucks. As I'll go into more detail in my Past Relationships blog series, once I found out and the other time the guy told me the very next morning. Personally, I would rather have had the latter guy not tell me he cheated. Here's what experts say. 

2. I'm always on the hunt for the latest well-styled restaurants and cool spots to grab a quick photo. This list of breathtaking restaurants will have you craving to get out and shoot!

Panama City’s American Trade Hotel

3. Speaking of restaurants and dating, here's a good roundup of the most romantic restaurants and bars in Los Angeles. I have been on dates at a number of these places and can attest to their romance factor being high. 

4. Sometimes scams like these scare me into thinking I might never travel again. Not enough to stop me, but still. Here are the most popular travel scams you should be aware of when playing tourist somewhere new.

5. Recently, I had a second date with someone that consisted of traveling and spending the night in Pam Springs. Romantic? Definitely. A little nerve-wracking that our travel styles might not mesh well? Possibly. Here's everything you need to consider before traveling with someone new

6. I've been a fan of Kate Bosworth's style since her early days as an actress. I'm obsessed with almost ALL of these looks.

7. Soulmates by definition may or may not exist, depending on who you ask. However, if you have these eight things in common you may have actually found your soulmate. 

8. As you can probably tell from our shop interiors, we love hanging decor. Here's some more hanging wall decor porn for you. P.S. We have some for sale!

9. I'm always curious how other studio dwellers decorate their tiny spaces. Here's one that's labeled a "dollhouse."

10. I have days that no matter how hard I try, I struggle to feel stylish. Here's some good advice for days like these