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Here, There, and Everywhere: Winsome

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Gingerly Witty Here There & Everywhere: Winsome

As a single lady in LA, I try to "put myself out there" as much as I can. This often entails endless nights of swiping on Bumble, waiting anxiously for a response to a text message I sent three hours ago, and playing the whole "I'm not that eager to settle down, but I'm still excited to date you" game. I constantly find myself going back and forth over whether this online dating thing is for me. And yet, at the same time, I know full well that this is the internet age after all and I live in a city that doesn't exactly lend itself to easily meeting people on the street since we're always in our cars as opposed to subways, busses, and trolleys (those still exist somewhere, right?!). 

In addition, in terms of looking for a mate, I'd like to find someone who can share my interests and hobbies, and one of those is breakfast! Gone are the days where I'm going to settle for someone who is super cranky in the morning. It's fine if you're "not a morning person." All I ask is that when I leave in the morning, you can look up from your pillow and wish me goodbye for the day rather than yell at me to get out so you can sleep. This is coming from personal experience with an ex who was the WORST to me in the mornings. I'm still grappling with it for more reasons than just this one. 

Since I've become quite the early bird as of late, many thanks to the bright east-rising sun that shines through my blinds in the AM, I'd love to try a morning date. So for today's "Here, There, and Everywhere" I'm imagining a first date over breakfast at a local Echo Park haunt Winsome. I feel that this is a great alternative to the typical chat over drinks at a dive bar. After all, you can tell a lot about someone by how they act before they've had their coffee. 

But what does one wear to a breakfast date? You want to look cute and a wee bit sexy, but not overly evening-style sexy. When I go on dates, I like to put my best foot forward, but at same time I also want to look and feel like myself. And at the end of the day, that's not overtly sexy, but rather a "keep em' guessing" kind of sexy. And so, for today's outfit I gathered a quirky printed skirt, a universally flattering chambray top, and a trendy linen duster. 

Gingerly Witty Safari Skirt Chambray Breakfast Date WInsome

Safari Skirt - $88 

Chambray Top - $145

Winsome Esby Duster Gingerly Witty

Baronne Linen Duster - $368


 Winsome is located at 1115 Sunset Boulevard.