Here, There, & Everywhere: 4 LA Things I'm Dying to Do – Gingerly Witty

Here, There, & Everywhere: 4 LA Things I'm Dying to Do

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For this week's "Here, There, & Everywhere" I decided to try something new. This week, instead of focusing on one specific local haunt, I thought I'd expand my horizons to feature a multitude of destinations to explore throughout Southern California.

1. Hollywood Bowl picnic with a date or small group of friends

Gingerly Witty LA travel Hollywood Bowl

While I have been to the Hollywood Bowl, it was during a horrible date which I'd rather forget. ANYWHO, I've never been able to fully appreciate the Hollywood Bowl. I just think there's something special about seeing live music with someone you love romantically. By forming a connection through the sharing of the visceral experience, your bond suddenly feels tighter; more secure even. 

2. Dapper Day at Disneyland (okay, so it's in Anaheim)

Dapper Day Gingerly Witty travel LA

LA Times

What is Dapper Day you may ask? Well, according to the LA Times it's "The unofficial gathering is an assemblage of Disney fans who want nothing more than a chance to parade around the theme park in their Sunday best. There’s no age limit or required 'look' to participate -- visitors simply show up dressed to impress." From 40s pinups to classic 60s two-piece suits, the outfits can delight even the most casual of persons. I haven't been to Disneyland in 15 years and I'm just so eager to go! So why not go on a day where everyone is dressed up for once? Also, I may have already bought my dress...

Gingerly Witty Dapper Day dress vintage

Is this perfect for a Disney spring day or what?!

3. Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery 

Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery has been on my to-do list since I arrived in LA seven years ago and I'm shocked I still haven't been! Also, this location is weirdly morbidly romantic. Plus, there's nothing better than snuggle puddling over a movie and some wine!

Gingerly WItty Cinespia hollywood forever cemetery LA travel


4. Hiking Griffith Park

I mostly put this one on here because I need to get in shape and get out in nature more. Plus, I now know people with a dog so that's an excuse, right?

Gingerly Witty griffith park hike LA travel


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