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Home Decor: My Apartment

So as many of you may know, I recently moved upstairs into the Jensen's Recreation Center apartments. What I love about the building, besides its antique charm (hello cute built-in storage!) and modern aesthetic touches (talking about those great subway tiles in the kitchen/bath), is the history behind the building.
From Jensen's website:
The Jensen Recreation Center was built by the late Henry Christian Jensen in 1924. It was one of several buildings constructed by Jensen in the course of a decade. Jensen was a German immigrant that made his fortune making bricks for the rapidly growing city of early 20th century Los Angeles. His business ventures often combined shopping and entertainment and were predecessors to today’s shopping malls or entertainment complexes such as Universal City Walk...

Originally, the three-story Jensen Recreation Center had a row of shops, a bowling alley, and a pool hall at street level, and 46 apartments on the top two levels...

A 1920’s era picture of the building shows a drug store, called “Circle Drug Co” on the southeast corner of the building facing Sunset Blvd. The windows of the drug store advertise “prescriptions, hot lunches, and makeup.” A penny scale sits outside the front entrance of the store that faced the corner of Sunset and Logan and a barbers pole sits just outside of the main Sunset Boulevard front entrance that lead to a downstairs bowling alley and upstairs pool hall. Several model T’s are parked along side and in front of the building.

Gingerly Witty home - living room

Jensen's Recreation Center Kitchen - Gingerly Witty home


Gingerly Witty home - sawyer media console

GIngerly WItty home - coat rack

Gingerly Witty home - Erin Lally

Anyway, I was super excited to start decorating my new studio apartment. However, because it was a studio, I was forced to find several small-space solutions and smaller furniture to fit the space. My overall home style inspiration was what I would call "California Eclectic," wherein textures like shag and sheepskin compliment warm buttery leathers, greenery, and metallic accents. I hope this results in a space that is inviting, casual, and globally inspired. Below you will find my inspiration photos and products I used in creating my new home.

Gingerly Witty Home - inspiration
Gingerly Witty home - products
Gingerly Witty home - gadgets
Gingerly Witty home - kitchen
Gingerly Witty home - books + plants
Gingerly Witty home - West Elm reclaimed wood coffee table
Urban Outfitters Moroccan Shag Rug
Gingerly Witty home - Ikea iron bed
Gingerly Witty home - Sheepskin Throw - The Citizenry
  1. Sheepskin Throw



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