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Home Decor: Space-Saving Built-Ins for Small Spaces

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Gingerly Witty Home Decor: Space-Saving Built-Ins for Small Spaces

Built-ins hold a special place in my heart. They remind me of a time when attention to detail and hints of charm were the norm. An era when every nook and cranny of a home could serve a purpose, if you could find and/or afford this type of craftsmanship. 

When it came to apartment hunting, I wanted a small space, which would still allow me to keep my extensive wardrobe collection. Above all the other charming details - from herringbone subway tile, brass fixtures, and bottom kitchen cabinets painted navy - it was definitely the built-ins that sold me on the space. Being that the apartment is a small studio, I needed several kinds of storage options. Luckily, the architects of the building, which they built in the 1920 just fyi, thought ahead and equipped each unit with not one, but two vanity + cubby cabinetry, all including adorable vintage knobs. Seriously, these cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling, ya'll! I actually don't have every one filled even. I use one vanity for my office supplies surrounded by folded clothes like tee shirts and pajamas. The other, which is in my closet, I use as my makeup vanity. 

I actually feel kind of lucky that I can sit down and do my makeup rather than have to do it in the bathroom standing over the sink. Built-ins really do free jump your space and are great additions to include if you ever get to build a house or remodel an existing one. Plus, with a few extra touches, they can also add some overall flair to a home. 

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