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Just Because: 5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

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Gingerly Witty Just Because 5 things about me

1. I take banjo lessons.

This year I started to take banjo lessons. While I had always liked the instrument, I fell in love with it when I got really into the Avett Brothers. I'm really bad at it because I never stuck with an instrument in my childhood. This just might be the biggest regret of my life. There are so many times FOMO directly becomes reality because of this fact. 

2. I can't stand the taste of mint.

Oh lordy, it's simply disgusting and tastes like dish soap to me. It doesn't matter if its spearmint, peppermint, any kind of mint - I hate it. This is incredibly frustrating white dating because I basically have to tell people I'd rather they not freshen up vs. brushing their teeth. It's such a strange food aversion to have in my opinion.

3. My favorite food of the moment is the breakfast burrito. 

Aww, the breakfast vehicle. The most perfect food vehicle ever. The best can be found at Cofax on Fairfax Avenue in Melrose-Fairfax, followed by runner up Commissary in Burbank.

3. I used to collect antique wedding photographs, with a particular interest in double weddings.

I know it sounds strange to collect such a thing, but hey, we like what we like, right? While it sounds unusual today, double weddings were actually quite common in the past. I first saw it in the nineties classic remake of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I can't explain my fascination with it. When it comes to vintage photographs, I love the clothes and hairstyles of the women and the peculiar facial hair of the men. What can I say, it all puts a smile on my face. 

4. I studied television and political science in college.

I fell in love with tv political comedy in my senior year of high school and I've never looked back. So when I found out I could pursue something like this in college, I was sold! Post graduation, I had hopes of being a writer/performer on a show like The Daily Show. However, I soon figured out that sadly, show biz just wasn't for me. Nevertheless, I like to be tangentially involved by still being friends with creatives in the industry and taking in performances/shows at places like Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater, the Nerdist Theater, and Largo. As for the polisci? Still a big nerd for that.