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Let Your Guard Down: My Career Path

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Gingerly Witty Career Path

Throughout my twenties, I always admired those peers who somehow knew that the career they had chosen at 22-years-old would still be their dream job as they approached 30. After studying to purse a career in television, I quickly became disenchanted by the industry during my six-month stint as a production assistant on a reality show. So it was a heavy blow from following and loving all things Hollywood to wanting nothing to do with it apart from watching it and having friends who were actively involved. Suddenly, I was forced to reevaluate everything I knew. 

And so I went on to try to gather some sort of resemblance of a skillset and find a new passion. I was clueless. I had no choice but to fight for part-time jobs that were of zero interest to me and of which I was overqualified for in the first place. However, being overqualified was also a curse in that employers were scared to hire you in fear that you might quickly leave for greener pastures. Remember, this was around 2010-2011 and the effects of the economic recession still dominated the job market. Despite having graduated summa cum laude and earned a degree from a school ranked highest for grade delation, I found myself fighting for a $9/hour job at Sprinkles. It was only sheer luck, a heavy dose of "taking a chance on me" and some parental connections (it was right after the recession, guys. We all needed a little help!) that I was able to secure part-time work as an administrative assistant at Donna Desmond Associates, a one-woman business valuation firm. It would be this job that would support me for the next five years as I searched endlessly for a passion that I could pursue as a career. I have so much thanks for Donna for even taking me on and giving me a chance. What an honor to be able to work for not just an incredibly smart and talented businesswoman, but a kind and respectful boss to boot. 

As time went on, I would take on other part-time jobs in addition to DDA to create some sort of real, livable income. So it was some surprise that my taking a job at Anthropologie at the Grove would not only lead me to the career of my dreams, but also help me create everlasting friendships with girls my age. It was these friendships that would then give me more confidence in myself and shape the person I am today. If it weren't for Anthro, I would never attain the skillset, drive, or passion to open a store of my own. I'll go into more detail into my time at Anthro in another post, but what I'm getting at is that no matter your education, background, or previous career journey, you can forge your own path that aligns with passions with your values.