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Personal Style: 26 Ways to Wear Tropical Prints—Even if You’re Not on Vacation

Personal Style: Tropical Prints Gingerly Witty

"Palm fronds, pineapples, super-saturated florals, and flying birds: a good tropical print should whisk you off to a sunny island—even if, in reality, your feet are firmly on a city sidewalk." StyleCaster couldn't have said it better about tropical prints. Not only are they super on-trend this season, they're a great way to add color to your wardrobe.

The once-goofy Hawaiian shirt is making a major comeback this summer, and for more femme sensibilities, dresses laden with banana leaves and hibiscus are an easy way to feel like you’re on the way to the beach (and hey, maybe their relaxed vacation vibe will rub off on you?) However, this season's offerings are anything but traditional. The prints have a tougher, stronger, even wilder feel to them and the colors are moodier. What's great about this trend is that because of the deep colors and attention to detail. the pieces will seamlessly transition from day to night. Plus, the styles also pair well with staples you probably already own, like crisp white separates and denim.

As for how to wear tropical prints without looking like an overly enthusiastic dad getting off the plane in Bermuda, we’ve rounded up 26 outfit ideas in the post ahead.

Danielle Downing

McKenna Bleu

Chronicles of Frivolity

McKenna Bleu

Green Wedding Shoes

Dolce & Gabbana

Glam Radar


Stoop I'd Love Tumblr 

Hot Beauty Health

Matthew Williamson

Tory Burch

Vaux Vintage


The Shiny Squirrel 


* Want this pajama set so badly!!! AhhH!!

Bakerie Tumblr






Patterns Color Design



Miss Moss


Available at GW:

Tropical Floral Silk Tank - 25

Tropical Print Silk Blouse - 35

Tropical Floral Button-down - $28

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