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Personal Style: Nautically Inspired

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Gingerly Witty Nautically Inspired stripes nautical
With the arrival of July, I'm instantly drawn to nautically inspired looks. With stripes and bright blues and navy's, the look is classic and never goes out of style. 
DREW  Delancey Button-Down Stripe Top - Midnight; striped tunic; nautical
DREW  Andi Embroidered Frayed Top; embroidered tank top
NUMPH  Mabil Striped Trousers; striped pants
Mabil Striped Trousers - 74 ** Last Pair **
AMOUR VERT  Francoise Long-Sleeve Tee - Basque Navy Stripe; nautical clothing; striped shirt
Francoise Long-Sleeve Tee - Basque Navy Stripe - 88
AMOUR VERT  Lara True Blue Stripe Slub Tee; blue striped shirt
AMOUR VERT  Ella Ivory & Navy Stripe Short Sleeve Top; Breton striped top
AMANDA MOSS  Striped Crew Dress - Ivory; striped dress; black and white stripe dress
Striped Crew Dress - Ivory - 130
Bella Dahl striped white blue dress
Sailor Powered Energy Dress - 140 ** Last One **