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If Gingerly Witty never came to mind whenever you thought of looking for a new pair of sunglasses, well think again! GW is now the go-to spot for the latest sunglasses designs that will shade your eyes in style all year round. From basic, everyday shapes to super edgy and sharp-edged to quirky and retro, we have a limitless amount of options to choose from, based on your face-shape and personal fashion preference. Looking for something oversized and round, with thick frames? Something cat-eye and sharp? Kaleos sunglasses have something for everyone, whether you are sporty, girlish, edgy, bohemian, tomboy, or super chic. A pair of Kaleos sunglasses is the perfect finishing touch to your day look, whether it involves a little floral mini dress, laidback boyfriend jeans, or a long and sleek maxi dress. Keep your eyes healthy and shaded from the sun without losing your sense of style.
*PRE-ORDER* Mangano Sunglasses - Beige, Kaleos - Gingerly WittyOut of stock

Mangano Sunglasses - Beige

*PRE-ORDER* Watson Sunglasses - Pink, Kaleos - Gingerly WittyOut of stock

Watson Sunglasses - Pink

*PRE-ORDER* Radley Sunglasses - Red, Kaleos - Gingerly WittyOut of stock

Radley Sunglasses - Red

*PRE-ORDER* Shawer Sunglasses - Taupe, Kaleos - Gingerly Witty

Shawer Sunglasses - Taupe

Dawson Sunglasses - Gold, Kaleos - Gingerly WittyOut of stock

Dawson Sunglasses - Gold

Gage Sunglasses - Tortoiseshell, Kaleos - Gingerly Witty

Gage Sunglasses - Tortoiseshell

Beckett Sunglasses - Black, Kaleos - Gingerly Witty

Beckett Sunglasses - Black

*PRE-ORDER* Reed Sunglasses - Red, Kaleos - Gingerly Witty

Reed Sunglasses - Red

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