Gingerly Witty

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Dear valued customers and friends, It is with a heavy heart to inform you that Gingerly Witty has permanently closed its doors and the brick and mortar shop is no longer in operation. It’s been a short, but sweet three years since we started this crazy adventure into the realm of brick and mortar retail entrepreneurship. But after ten years in LA and four in Boston prior to that, I feel it’s time to return home to the SF Bay Area and live near my family for the first time in what feels like forever. I will miss LA immensely; this is the city where I lived out my twenties. Here is where I experienced the wonderful highs, but also harsh truths that come with 21st century adulthood. Times weren’t always easy or pleasant, that’s for sure. But because of these painful experiences, I was able to learn from my mistakes and grow into the person I am today. This is my genuine self. And that’s okay. I thank you for your patronage and support over the past three years we have been in business. Sincerely, Erin Lally Owner / Manager

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