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Marietta Jacket - Khaki

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Capsule Collection

This is a lightweight open jacket is absolutely wonderful for layering and easy wear. It goes over sweaters, under jackets, dresses, sleeveless tops, and just about anything you have in your closet. Large external pockets help you ease through your day feeling efficient, elegant and ethical. 

100% Washed Linen

Designed and handmade in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Temperate makes contemporary womenswear with an emphasis on fit, quality in production, and elegant style. Their clothing is made with protein and cellulose fibers from the most sustainable sources available. They choose only organic cotton, and use other fibers that don't require pesticides like flax linen and hemp. Each piece is crafted with careful thought to the cut, color story, and all those bits of magic that make a piece of clothing come to life. 

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